Zweites Buch

Hitlers Zweites Buch ( Book II of Hitler ) is a book generally attributed to Adolf Hitler where it deepens much of the subjects mentioned in Mein Kampf , in particular his theory on the Lebensraum or ‘vital space’ that had to occupy Germany to the detriment of the towns Which he considered to be weaker.

This work would have been dictated by Hitler in the spring and summer of 1928 to Max Amann , the then chief of Eher Verlag , a company linked to the NSDAP and responsible for the publication of Mein Kampf and the propaganda material of the party. It was not published during the Third Reich , and would have been stored in a safe at the NSDAP Publications Central.

The Institut für Zeitgeschichte would publish the document for the first time in 1961 . The original prologue was Vorwort , but Hitler never mentioned how the complete work was to be called, so in his 1961 publication it was simply called Hitler’s Second Book ( Hitlers Zweites Buch ). In Spanish speaking countries it is usually published under the title Race and destiny .