Leopold Frankenberger

Leopold Frankenberger , or Frankenreiter ( 1818 – 1912 , Graz , Austria ) was, according to the military and lawyer Hans Frank , the paternal grandfather of Adolf Hitler .

Upon requesting a birth certificate from Hitler’s father, Alois , after his birth in 1837, his mother Maria Anna Schicklgruber , then 42 years old, declined to mention the father’s name. The boy was then registered as an illegitimate child , and for the first 39 years of his life, he carried the surname of his mother, Schicklgruber. Five years after the birth of Alois Maria Anna married Johann Georg Hiedler , who did not recognize the child as his own. Johann Georg’s brother, Johann Nepomuk Hiedler , was also one of the possible parents. Johann Georg Hiedler was not formalized as Alois Schicklgruber’s father until 1876, 20 years after Johann Georg’s death. The fact of who was really Adolf Hitler’s grandfather is not entirely clear, although historians generally consider the most likely candidate as one of the two Hiedler brothers.

Hans Frank , Hitler’s lawyer, in the Nuremberg trials , showed in the report that he had been hired by Hitler to investigate family history in the year 1930. Frank had found in the basis of his investigation, which indicated that the father Of Hitler was possibly a half-Jew.

Maria Anna Schicklgruber had worked as a maid of a prosperous Jewish family stoned Frankenberger. The 19-year-old son of the family, Leopold, may now have a 42-year-old pregnant woman, Maria Anna.

In order to avoid the scandal in the family, compensation was paid to Maria Anna until Alois turned 14. In addition, family and Anna Maria contacted for years by correspondence , which is considered one of the most important evidence about the paternity of Frankenberger.

However Hans Frank considered that the most likely alternative was that the grandfather was Johann Georg Hiedler.

The historian Werner Maser stated that a Jewish family living in Graz in the 1800s was very unlikely, since the area at that time was controlled by law so as not to allow permanent residence of the Jews. In addition, about Leopold Frankenberger or Frankenreiter or his family could not find marks or indications in the books or registers, reason why many thought that Frankenberger was very nonexistent.

The psychologist Walter C. Langer of World War II , on behalf of Hitler’s psychological profile, said that it can be found in a similar assumption of Hitler’s grandfather. Langer said that the grandmother would have worked with a banker ennoblecida for the Jewish family of the Rothschild when it comes to economy and Alois’ father would have been one of the Rothschilds. Langer’s sources consisted of testimonies of those who fled the Nazis and ex-Nazi statements, the value of what has subsequently been criticized.


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