Irene Haschke

Irene Haschke (born in Friedeberg (Neumark) , currently Poland, the 16 of February of 1921 ) was a guard (SS Aufseherin ) of the concentration camps Nazi, participant of the Jewish Holocaust in World War II .


He worked in a textile factory until August 16, 1944 when he was recruited by the SS and sent to the Gross-Rosen concentration camp for five weeks for training as a caretaker ( Aufseherin ).

Transferred to the Mährisch-Weißwasser jail for three weeks as SS Aufseherin. Later it returned to the textile factory. Evacuated 15 of February of 1945 towards the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen where arrived the 28 of February of 1945.

Arrested by the British Army on April 15, 1945 and forced to bury the bodies of prisoners killed in the countryside by the epidemic of typhus .

On September 17, 1945, it was presented by the British at the so-called Bergen-Belsen Trial where the Court accused Josef Kramer and 44 others who had worked in Auschwitz and Belsen, this trial was held at number 30 Lindenstraße, In Lüneburg. The 17 of November of 1945, is sentenced to 10 years of prison.

Hildegard Kanbach , Magdalene Kessel , Irene Haschke, Herta Ehlert and Hertha Bothe briefly after his arrest.


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