Public Hearings

Throughout the duration of the Commission on Assisted Dying, commissioners will hear oral evidence from witnesses drawn from a wide range of backgrounds including experts and practitioners in palliative care and other areas of medical practice, legal experts, ethicists, those with personal experiences of assisted dying and key public figures who are influential in the debate on assisted dying. All hearings are open to members of the public.

The sixth and final hearing will take place on Wednesday 25 May, 10am 1pm at Demos.This hearing will explore the issue of assisted dying from a variety of professional perspectives including law, policing and psychiatry. Evidence will be heard from:

Lucy Scott‐Moncrieff, managing partner and Robert Robinson, consultant solicitor at Scott‐Moncrieff, Harbour & Sinclair

Professor Penney Lewis, Professor of Law at the School of Law and Centre of Medical Law and Ethics, King’s College London

Adrian Todd, Detective Inspector, Public Protection Unit and Michelle Cook, West Mercia Police

Professor Matthew Hotopf and Dr Annabel Price, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London

If you would like to arrange to attend the hearing as an observer please contact William Bradley at william.bradley@demos.co.uk or by calling 020 7367 6333.

Full transcripts of previous evidence sessions can be found on the Read evidence page.