Anneliese Kohlmann

Anneliese Kohlmann ( Hamburg , Germany ; 23 as March as 1921 – 17 as September as 1977 ). It was a Watcher of the SS assigned to concentration camps Nazis during the Holocaust Jew of World War II .

Kohlmann became a member of the Nazi Party the 1 of April of 1940 , at 19 years old. He worked as host of Streetcar in Hamburg , living with their parents until the 30 of October of 1944 . On that date he joined the voluntary service of the SS and the 4 of November of 1944 is as SS conscript Aufseherin (Keeper or vigilante ) being assigned to the prison Neugraben . In March of 1945 , she is transferred to the prison of Tiefstack, near Hamburg .

The 8 of April of 1945 , is transferred to the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen . On April 15, upon the arrival of the British troops, he changed his SS uniform, for prisoner clothes. Two days later she was denounced by the other prisoners and detained by the British. Kohlmann was widely photographed carrying bodies at mass burial where British troops forced the former guards and SS personnel to load bodies of detainees in mass graves.

Kohlmann was brought before a British court in the so-called Second Bergen-Belsen Trial between 15 and 30 June 1946 in Celle and Lüneberg and was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for reports of abuse and sexual abuse of prisoners in the countryside Whom he allegedly harassed by his well-known lesbianism .

Due to his time in prison, Kohlmann was released the day after the trial ended.

Anneliese Kohlmann died of natural causes in Germany West the 17 of September of 1977 .