Arthur Nebe

Arthur Nebe ( Berlin , 13 of November of 1894 – ibid . , 2 of March of 1945 ) was a high official German of the SS and police German during World War II . He died hanged by the SS because of their own involvement in the attempted assassination of Hitler the 20 of July of 1944 .



The son of a teacher of school Protestant , Nebe enlisted volunteer during the First World War and was assigned to Battalion 17 Explorers Infantry . He was wounded with venomous gas twice. In 1920 entered the active service of the Police, becoming commissioner four years later. It was also that year, exactly the 15 of August of 1924 , when he married Elise Schaeffer -a member of the student organization Women ‘s National Socialist and National Socialist Women ‘s Organization, the NS-Frauenschaft – and with whom he had his only daughter, Called Gisela, on January 26, 1926.

Its entrance into the Nazi Party and to the SA took place the 1 of July of 1931, being assigned the number 574.307. He was transferred to the SS on December 2, 1936. In July 1938 he was appointed Head of the Berlin Kriminalpolizei and attached to the SD .

On September 27, 1939, he was appointed Chief of Amt V – corresponding to the so – called Kriminalpolizei or Kripo – the Reich Main Security Office (RSHA), a position he held until the 21 of July of 1944 . This police agency had the task of prosecuting common and criminal offenses in Germany .

Participation in the Holocaust and the Resistance

In June 1941 and until November of that same year, he was appointed commander of Einsatzgruppen B, in Belarus where he was responsible for the extermination of 45,467 Jews detained in Soviet territory through summary executions.

After this task is linked with groups of resistance clandestine the Army German with those involved in Operation Valkyrie , the plot to overthrow the government Nazi Germany, during the failed bombing of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg . From that day it is discovered and it simulates its suicide in a river of Berlin. In late July 1944, contact Adelheid Gobbin, an official of the Police of Berlin and asks for help to hide, initially Gobbin hides in his apartment, then located near Lake Motzen, south of Berlin with the Frick family.

As Gobbin had been mistress of Nebe, in January of 1945, the Gestapo arrests it again and puts under strong pressure. SS Sturmbannführer Willy Litzenberg, a Gestapo investigator, arrests his mother and sister and threatens to shoot all three if he does not reveal Nebe’s whereabouts, the officer sinks and reveals the location of the former Chief of Police. The Gestapo raids the residence and stops Nebe and Walter Frick, owner of the place. He was sentenced to death and hanged with Frick, on March 21, 1945, in the Plötzensee prison .



  • SS- Gruppenführer .u.Gen.Lt.d.Pol .: 9 November 1941;
  • SS- Brigadeführer.u.Gen.Maj.d.Pol .: 1 January 1941
  • SS- Oberführer .: April 20, 1939
  • SS- Standartenführer .: August 1, 1938
  • SS- Obersturmbannführer .: April 20, 1938
  • SS- Sturmbannführer .: 2.12.36 (entered the SS with this rank)

Decorations and recognitions

  • 1939 Spange zum 1914 EK I (?)
  • 1939 Spange zum 1914 EK II
  • 1914 EK I
  • 1914 EK II
  • Verwundetenabzeichen, 1918 in Schwarz
  • Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. Okt. 1938
  • Spange “Prager Burg”
  • Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer
  • Dienstauszeichnungen der NSDAP
  • Polizei-Dienstauszeichnungen


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