Luise Danz

Elisabeth Helene Luise Danz ( Thuringia , November of December of 1917 ) was a guard of several Nazi concentration camps , who participated in the Holocaust of World War II . She was tried for crimes against humanity , but released later.

Working in the fields

The 24 of January of 1943 , at the age of 25, Luise Danz was incorporated as Guardiana or Aufseherin within the system of concentration camps Nazis. She served in various fields, such as Krakow , Majdanek , Auschwitz and the subfield of Malchow linked to Ravensbrück concentration camp . In 1943 she was decorated for her service in the fields. She was promoted to Superintendent Oberaufseherin in Malchow in January 1945 as soon as she arrived.

Capture and first judgment

At the end of the war in 1945, Luise tried to flee but was discovered and brought to trial in 1946, at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Trial for crimes against humanity committed during her service in the camps. She was sentenced to life imprisonment; However, he was released on trial on August 20, 1957.

Second judgment

In 1996 , Luise Danz was tried before a German court for the alleged murder of a teenager in the Malchow concentration camp . German doctors said the defendant was too old to be able to withstand court proceedings, which is why the charges were dropped. In 2017, Danz still lives with 99 years.


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