Gerda Christian

Gerda Daranowski-Christian ( Berlin , Germany , 13 of December of 1915 – Düsseldorf , Germany , 14 of April of 1997 ) was one of the personal secretaries of the German leader Adolf Hitler before and during World War II .

Gerda Christian was born Gerda Daranowski , studied typing , worked at Elizabeth Arden, Inc. , and joined the chancery secretariat team in 1937 to support the work of Johanna Wolf and Christa Schroeder . Gerda Christian was considered one of the most graceful secretaries and empathetic group secretaries and married the personal driver of Hitler, Erich Kempka then divorced in 1943 and married Eckhard Christian, an officer of the Luftwaffe , with whom he had subsequently 5 children. Hitler called her Dara .

In 1943, during a period of absence by rest after its wedding was replaced by Traudl Junge , the last secretary of Hitler.

Gerda Christian was one of the people who remained in the Führerbunker until 1 of maypole in 1945 after the death of Hitler , remaining with Traudl Junge and Else Krüger , Otto Günsche , Johann Rattenhuber and Werner Naumann , who would become his great friend Old age. 1 Later she escaped into a basement where he was arrested by soldiers of the Red Army and raped repeatedly in a forest according to his testimony. 2

Gerda divorced Eckhard Christian in 1946 because he did not stay with her in the Führerbunker until after Hitler’s death.

Gerda Died in Düsseldorf in 1997 at the age of 83, a cancer victim .


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