Susanne Ledermann

Susanne “Sanne” Ledermann ( Berlin , Germany , 8 of October of 1928 – 19 of November of 1943 , Auschwitz , Poland ) was a young Jewish , childhood friend of the writer Anne Frank during the Second World War and victims of the Holocaust .

Susanne or “Sanne”, as she was called, was the daughter of Franz Ledermann, lawyer and Notary of Berlin and Ilse Citröen, German housewife, in addition to Barbara, his elder sister (later married to Nobel Prize for Medicine Martin Rodbell ) who they migrated all in 1932 , before Adolf Hitler took the fearful power of the persecutions that were anticipated unleash the Nazis across Germany against the Jews .

They emigrated to Amsterdam , where Susanne found many immigrant Jews with whom she related, including Anne Frank , Margot Frank who was friends with her older sister and Hanneli Goslar . In 1941 when the Germans invaded Holland , the Jewish students had to relocate in special high schools. In June 1942, the Nazis, as part of the ” Final Solution ” aimed at eliminating the Jews, began deporting them to the East. Franz Ledermann, the father considered that fulfilling the laws and mandates of the Jewish Council did not hide. Finally the 20 of June of 1943 , Susanne and her parents were arrested and sent to transit camp Westerbork where they managed to stay several months. Her older sister, Barbara was not at the residence in Merwedeplein and managed to hide helped by the antinazi resistance .

The 16 of November of 1943 , Franz, Ilse and Sanne Ledermann were deported to the extermination camp of Auschwitz , where they arrived on November 19 and were selected three straight to the gas chambers .