Zoom (Soda Stereo song)

Zoom is a song composed by Gustavo Cerati and played by the Argentine rock band Soda Stereo, which was released as a promotional single on the album Sueño Stereo . It is one of the group’s best known and most classic songs and one of its biggest hits, considered one of the last big hits of the band.


The letter, using the resource of metaphor , talks about a man’s desire for a woman and the description of his fantasies. In the interviews, the song makes reference to pornography in phrases like “we are all addicts”, “these games of artifice”, “what seduces never is usually”, “give me a zoom” (in relation to That in these films there are only Zooms) and other phrases where metaphorically and in a sense explicitly hides this content.


The music of this song is simple, it starts with a square drum sound, and then Charly Alberti introduces a drum pattern, followed by bass, played by Zeta Bosio . Gustavo Cerati begins to recite the first verse of the song in minute 0:32 and then, in the minute 1:17, Cerati introduces the acoustic guitar , that sounds in tone of Mi mayor , along with the second verse. In the minute 1:58, Bosio enters the harmonica so that later a single of keyboard determines the bridge of the song. The end is characterized by ending the harmonica and a blow on the battery. Throughout the song it sounds the harmonica riff, the guitars and the claps of the battery of the song New York Groove of the British band of glam rock Hello and composed by Russ Ballard .


The video of the song was recorded on the outskirts of the Planetarium Galileo Galilei of Buenos Aires , and you can see throughout the video several teenagers kissing in the park and the members of the band playing. 1

Use in the media

“Zoom” was used in the Chilean VTR commercial in 2005 for the introduction of the VTR On Demand service .


  • In most of the live performances it has been interpreted together with ” When the tremor passes “, when it finishes Zoom immediately begins When the tremor passes , for example in Comfort and music to fly or in the Tour You Will See Me Back .
  • When he was awarded the 2008 Personality of the Year award to Soda Stereo, Leo Garcia , who accompanied the band on the Me Verás Volver tour playing the guitar, covered the theme Zoom.