Zone of promises (song)

Zona de promesas ” is a song and simple of the Argentine rock band Soda Stereo , and composed by the guitarist and vocalist of the band Gustavo Cerati . The original version was published like first track of the album called Zone of promises . It is the song that gives the name to the album, in which all other songs are remixed versions of songs already made.

It is a song little interpreted live. It was only released live on the album Gira me verás back CD # 2 , as tenth track.

The live video is present on the DVD # 2 of the tour, as an extra.

The original version was published a second time in the compilation called You’ll see me back (Hits & +) , in track 16.

The song was also recorded by Mercedes Sosa and Cerati, in the last album of the folklorist, Cantora .

Gustavo Cerati interpreted the subject in a few concerts of the Bocanada Tour , being these the first times that the subject was played live. As a soloist, he played it again in the first part of the Natural Force Tour (2009), where he made an acoustic version, dedicated to Mercedes Sosa, who died that same year.

It was also the song with which Cerati was honored posthumously at the opening of the fourth night of the Festival of Viña del Mar 2015 with an interpretation of Pedro Aznar , in which Cerati’s voice was mixed by sampling .


The lyrics speak, especially in the chorus, that sometimes things take time to arrive but in the end you get what you wanted or what you expected. That is to say, each step, each path, leads to an effort, which in turn can achieve failures or gains, the message is that if in the struggle of what you do and what you passionate do, you insist and insist, End the great result will be valid. 1He is rumored to be talking about a relationship that ends (“it’s okay to be my master again …”) and that he feels pain (“blood river”), but then comes the calm. That then finds a new possibility of loving (“it’s okay to immerse myself again …”). [ Citation needed ]

It may also be that in the letter he addresses his mother: (“Mama knows well, I lost a battle, I want to return, just to kiss her”) to ask and talk, to be a second with her, and also (” … “) tell his things, his secrets, etc. The chorus (“It takes time to arrive, and in the end, there is a reward”) may again refer to it by telling him his prayers, and for him to become authentically a “Zone of promises.”

As it is really counted, his mother, Lilian Clark made a poem to his son, that soon arose in the cd “Cerati Infinito”, referring mainly in the subject:


It is a rock ballad with strong influences of Argentine folklore. This is reflected in the 3/4 metric with 6/8 accents. The live version too; A difference is that Gustavo Cerati , at the beginning, plays for a while the guitar before the letter begins and also that, in the last part, the refrain is repeated 3 times, instead, in the version of study is repeated 4 times . Live, before the chorus starts a second time, Cerati shouts, “Come on!”

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