Zero length (TV series)

Zero length (in Persian : مدار صفر درجه Madar-e Sefr darajeh ) is a television series Iranian produced in 2007, realized through the cooperation of Iran ,Hungary , France and Lebanon . The program was one of the most expensive produced by Iran and attracted a large audience. 1 It is based on a true story about an Iranian diplomat , Abdol Hossein Sardari , who saved Jews in 1940 in Paris during the Nazi occupation by giving Iranian passports and allowing them to take refuge in the Iranian Embassy . 2 Although it has been pointed out that the names of the characters and the historical plot of the series are similar to the story of Sardari. 3


Set in the time of World War II , Madare Sefr darajeh follows the life of an Iranian student named Habib Parsa ( Shahab Hosseini ) who travels to Paris to study. Habib meets a French Jewish woman named Sara Astrok, a student of the same university. At first antagonistic towards each other, Habib and Sarah finally fall in love. They encounter many problems, including the Jewish persecution of the Nazis and Sarah ‘s Zionist uncle . But stay together until the end. 1


The government-funded series has been widely cited as an effort by the government to demonstrate its positions on the difference between Jews and Zionists, embracing sympathy for the Jewish people (including an orthodox view of the Holocaust ) Hostile to Zionism . 4

The director of the series, Hassan Fathi , said about it , “I decided to produce this series in 2002, and in those days the Holocaust was not a problem. Even if one single Jew is killed in German camps, the world should be ashamed. From Similarly, if a single Palestinian dies, the world should be ashamed. I sympathize with the Jewish victims of World War II, to the same extent with the women and children who are victims of the war in Palestine . ” 1

The TV series won the praise and support of the Jewish Association of Iran, an independent body that safeguards the culture and heritage of the community. The association has criticized President Ahmadinejad’s comments on the Holocaust, but has praised Mr. Fatthi’s spectacular work. 4

DVD release in English

The series was renamed Zero Point Orbit for release in 2007 by Bita Film, Tarzana , California. The Persian title remained unchanged. The DVD includes subtitles in English and Persian .

Launch in Spanish

In 2015, the Iranian chain HispanTV launched the Spanish version of the series titled Longitud Cero .


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