Yva , whose real name was Else Ernestine Neulander-Simon ( Berlin , 26 of January of 1900 – concentration camp Majdanek , 1942 ) was one photographer German . 1 2

She was the youngest daughter in a Jewish family with nine children. His family was engaged in the making , his father being a merchant and his mother dressmaker in the family business. With 25 years he opened a photo studio in Friedrich-Wilhelm, 17 Berlin, devoting himself to fashion photography and portraits , adopting the stage name of Yva. Soon it moved to the street Bleibtreustraße and later to Schlüterstraße 45 . He collaborated with Heinz Hajek-Halke until 1926 . In 1934 he married Alfred Simon, who went on to manage the studio. 2

His work reached considerable relevance in those years and also published in different magazines and publications among which Die Dame, Uhu, Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung , Münchner Illustrierte Presse and Das Deutsche Lichtbild . From 1929 he was working for the Ullstein Verlag publishing house .

His work focused on advertising and made photographs using the method of several exposures on a negative. 1 held several exhibitions and among others participated in the exhibition Film und Foto in Stuttgart .

With the arrival to the power of Nazism was imposing limitations and in 1936 was prohibited to run the photographic studio and take photographs, although he made a change of ownership for his friend Charlotte Weidler but in 1938 had to close. After working, reluctantly, making films in a Jewish hospital, the Gestapo arrested her and her husband the 1 as June as 1942 .

On 13 June she was deported to Majdanek concentration camp where she was supposed to have been murdered on 15 June 1942, 3 although on the record she appears to have died on 31 December 1944.

In Berlin there is a street with its name.


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