Your scar on me

Your scar on me ” is a song by Argentine rock musician Gustavo Cerati released on his third solo album It’s always today in 2002, as track 6. It was written by the same musician. It is one of the most outstanding songs of the disc that was not simple of broadcasting, thanks to its remarkable mixture between the rock and rhythms and sounds of the electronic music .


Music mixes electronic music with pop rock , having a rhythm related to this music and mixing the sounds of the guitar, bass and drums with electronic sounds generated by the sampler . From the mix is ​​a very well achieved song. The characteristic riff is also remarkable, since it accompanies the song of very good way being “a leader” very appropriate for the song and its rhythm.

Reversions: It is always today

The one on the Reversions album Reversiones: It is always released today in 2003, it includes three remixes of this theme.