You usually leave me alone

Sueles Dejarme It ‘s just a song from the Argentinean band Soda Stereo . It is the fifth song of the disc Animal song , published in 1990 and was written by Gustavo Cerati . 1

In that year, in 1990, the group interpreted it live in the stage of Vélez ; And in the farewell minigira, in 1997, also interpreted it in the stage River Plate 2 but none of these two versions was published in some album . In the Tour You’ll see me back , in 2007, it was done again and this one if it was published in the album Gira Me verás to return CD # 2, in the track 6. 3


The letter is about a man who feels rejected by a woman. Parties such as “Baby, I’ll never be a superman, and you usually leave me alone” refer to this man will never be one like the one she expects, then is rejected. 4


The musical genre of this song is hard rock . The original version begins with a riff slow electric guitar to which he then added another guitar extra, and then starts playing the drums and other instruments . Over time the song becomes more aggressive to culminate unexpectedly with a strong guitar solo. In the version of the Tour You’ll see me come back , Cerati slows down the riff at the beginning and the second guitar is not included, besides – in most cases – break his own PRS in the first solo, then search for a new one And continue with the last part of the song.


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