You do not exist

No existe ” is a song by Argentine rock band Soda Stereo , composed by Gustavo Cerati and published in his third studio album Signos in 1986.

The quality of the composition of this, has made it considered one of the best songs of the album and one of the most classic of the band.

It has been played on most of the band’s tours. During the tour The last concert was not played, but during the reunion tour of the band, the Tour Me Verás Volver was included in all presentations.


The lyrics seem to deal with a very tortuous love affair (which can also metaphorically refer to a type of drug), in which “she and he” were very hurt. But “he” says that she was the one that hurt him the most and turned the relationship into something painful. “He” is dedicated to reproach all the damage that was done, proving that he still has deep grudges.


The music style is post-punk stark and raw , similar to that played bands like Joy Division . It has two parts. In the first, the song looks like a ballad, with “tortuous” guitar sounds and a slow rhythm. In the second, the song accelerates its rhythm, the battery sounds strong, the guitar also accelerates and the bass seems to take the function of a rhythm guitar.

In popular culture

  • The song appears in the film ” Someone is watching you “.