Yellow love

Yellow Love is the first solo album of the career of Gustavo Cerati realized in the year 1993 (in full friction stage with Soda Stereo ). The album was a surprise for fans of the band due to the fact that it was something totally different from what it was doing and the fact of having gone to live outside the country thus putting in pause the activity of the band that at that moment did not Was dissolved. The only official presentation of the album was an acoustic made for the FM 100 radio in 1994, since Gustavo considered it an intimate disc.

The album features the presence of his wife Cecilia Amenábar , both in the collaboration and the main inspiration of the songs along with the expectation of the arrival of his first son (except for ” Rombos ” that composed in the time of Holy Colors ). In this album, in addition, Cerati performs a cover of Luis Alberto Spinetta , of the subject ” Bajan ” extracted from the album Artaud , reference disc of this project.

The song ” Crema de estrellas ” included in the album Sueño Stereo by Soda Stereo was one of the songs that was left out of this album.


Gustavo, after finishing the Dynamo disc tour , decided to pause his stage with Soda Stereo and go to live in Santiago de Chile with his wife and wait there for the birth of their first child. While he was gestating his son was creating songs that served for what would be his first solo album. The early versions of the songs were recorded in a home studio that he set up at his home in Providence called Ambar Studios. The album was finished mixing and recording in Buenos Aires, and published 25 days before Benito Cerati was born . 1


According to Cecilia Amenábar the name of the album was taken by some yellow stones that together they collected in the beaches of Los Roques , in a rest of the tour of Dynamo by Venezuela . For Cerati the color of these stones represented energy, the sun; What defined this love.

List of songs

No. Title Writer (s) Duration
1. «Yellow love» Cerati 5:36
2. ” Lisa “ Cerati 4:25
3. ” I’ll take you to take me “ Cerati 3:44
Four. « Pulsar » Cerati 4:54
5. «Medusa’s Head» Cerati 5:07
6. « Av. Alcorta » Cerati 4:44
7. « Lower » Luis Alberto Spinetta 4:08
8. « Rombos » Cerati 4:23
9. «It is never now» Cerati – Cecilia Amenábar 4:41
10. « At the mercy » Cerati 6:28
eleven. «Torteval» (Only in the first and third edition of the disc) Cerati 6:04