Wolf Heinrich Graf Helldorf

Wolf Heinrich, Count Helldorf ( Merseburg , Germany , 14 of October of 1896 – Plötzensee , 15 of August of 1944 ) was a member of the “old guard” ofHitler , Police Commander ( Polizeipräsident ) of Berlin , General SS and One of the conspirators of the attack on Hitler in 1944 .


Graf Helldorf in the foreground, next to Wilhelm Brückner and Hitler in 1932.

Wolf Heinrich, Count Helldorf was born in Merseburg in 1896, was the son of landowners in Prussia. During the First World War he joined the Reichswehr and reached the rank of lieutenant . After the war he was a member of the Prussian parliament.

In 1931, he joined the HS of Ernst Röhm and served as the führer of the SA. Helldor belonged, moreover, to the personal guard of Hitler between 1931 and 1932, during its presidential campaign.

In 1933 he was given the post of Chief of Police in Potsdam . That year he joined the SS and took over as Chief of Police in Berlin where he committed abuses against the Berlin Jewish population.

In 1935 he obtained profits by extorting rich Jews , taking possession of the passports and then arresting them and asking for large sums of money for granting them and allowing them to leave Germany.

In 1937 he was a member of the Nazi Party in the Reichstag. 1

It is syndicated by some literatures adopting the passive attitude of the police in the persecution of the Jews of Berlin by part of the SS being incompetent in its action in the night of the crystals broken in 1938 . Graf Helldorf had Himmler ‘s full approval and was considered an anti-Semitic bulwark, reaching the rank of general SS.

During World War II he remained in that position as Chief of Police of Berlin and after the attack of 20 of July of 1944 , is syndicated by the Gestapo like part of the organization that was to take control of Berlin next to the conspirators. In fact, Graf Helldorf was found guilty by omission in the rebellion of the reserve army and to hold to the expectation in a passive attitude. 2

It is processed by Judge Roland Freisler and sentenced to be hanged in the prison of Plötzensee the 15 of August of 1944 .


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