Wilhelm Zopf

Wilhelm Zopf ( Munich , Germany ; November to March of 1908 – 7 of July of 1980 ), known as “Willy” , was an official German of the SS Nazi participant in the Holocaust Jew of the Second World War .

Zöpf entered the SS with the file number 278875 and with the number 2949263 to the Nazi Party . In 1940 he was appointed Adviser to the Berlin Section of the Gestapo (Stapoleitstelle). The 8 as January as 1941 he was appointed Regional Adviser for the German colonies in Africa . In February of that same year he was promoted to the School of Leaders of the SIPO (Police of the Order) in Berlin – Charlottenburg.

As SS Hauptsturmführer (Captain), Willy Zopf was appointed in January 1942 Head of the IVB4 Section , Office of Jewish Affairs Adolf Eichmann in The Hague , Netherlands . The 9 of November of 1942 was promoted to SS Sturmbannführer ( Mayor ).

He was not charged with any charge until June 1963 , and was arrested in 1965 in Munich . Judged in Bonnen 1967 , then part of West Germany , he was sentenced on February 24 of that year to serve nine years in prison for complicity in the Dutch deportations with Wilhelm Harster and Gertrud Slottke .