Wilhelm Rediess

Wilhelm Rediess ( October of October of 1900 – 8 of maypole of 1945 ) was a military man and the chief German secret police during the German occupation of Norway following the Operation Weserübung during World War II . In addition it was commander of the SS stationed in the Nordic country from the 22 of June of 1940 until his suicide.

Rediess was born in Heinsberg , Westphalia , in the late German Empire , as the son of a clerk. After finishing school he did an electrician apprenticeship. In June 1918 , he enlisted in the German army, serving in the infantry during the First World War . He later worked as an electrician until he lost his job due to the deep economic crisis of 1929 .

In May 1925 , Rediess became a member of the Sturmabteilung and in December 1925 his affiliation to the National Socialist Party of the Workers or Nazi was approved . In 1927 he was appointed commander of the company Düsseldorf SA, and in 1930 was transferred with his unit to the SS . For 1935 Rediess occupied the position of Lieutenant General (SS-Gruppenführer).

At the beginning of the second war, Rediess was commissioned to implement racial laws in Prussia , specifically in East Prussia . He was assigned the task of eradicating 1558 Jews classified as mentally ill. Rediess brought booths to fill them with gas and requested personnel from other SS units, offering a reward of 10 Reichsmarks for each murdered Jew. It took 17 days to finish all the Jews and then Rediess refused to pay.

Rediess was rewarded for demonstrating initiative and was given command of several SS units in Norway.

In March 1941 , Rediess implemented the Lebensborn program in Norway, which resulted in the direct pregnancy of hundreds of Norwegian women by German soldiers. This program promoted the mixing between Norwegians and Germans in order to produce “racially pure” Aryan children , since the Nazis considered Scandinavia’s populations even more “pure” than the German population. The end result was the birth of 8,000 children sponsored by this program.

Rediess committed suicide with a shot on 8 May 1945. His body was destroyed when Reich Commissar in Norway, Josef Terboven also committed suicide but detonated 50 kg of dynamite at Skaugum Castle , Near Oslo .