Wilhelm Dörr

Wilhelm Dörr or Doerr ( Nuremberg , Germany , 9 of February of 1921 – Hamelin , Germany , 13 of December of 1945 ) was a Petty Officer of the SS , with the rank of Oberscharführer ( Sergeant ), perpetrator of the Holocaust Jew during World War II World .

Dörr was a peasant, and in the early years of his life, I work on his parents’ farm . The 15 of December of 1940 , voluntarily enlisted in the Wehrmacht ( Army Regular) but was rejected. The following year it is rolled in Waffen SS and is sent to Dresden to train in the school of engineers .

In 1941 , he falls ill and is sent to a military hospital. Later transferred to the concentration camp of Oranienburg .

In January of 1944 , is transferred to the concentration camp of Dora-Mittelbau . In September of that same year, it is sent to the prison of Klein Bodungen, in Germany.

The 5 of April of 1945 , Klein was evacuated from Bodungen to the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen , with a contingent of 610 prisoners. They arrive on November as April as 1945 .

It is captured in this field the arrival of the army British and presented to the Military Courts Allies in the Belsen Trial , the 15 of September of 1945 , in the town of Luneburg , being condemned to death by hanging , the 17 Of November .

Finally, he went to the gallows and was executed in the prison of Hamelin , the 13 of December of 1945 , with Josef Kramer , Irma Grese , Fritz Klein and other war criminals more.