Wilhelm Boger

Friedrich Wilhelm Boger ( Zuffenhausen , 19 of December of 1906 – Bietigheim-Bissingen , 3 of April of 1977 ) was a non – commissioned officer of the SS Nazi, active participant in the Holocaust Jew during World War II .


Member of the Nazi Party , numbered 153,652, and of the SS , where he joined on July 19, 1930, numbered 2,779, promoted to SS Untersturmführer ( Lieutenant ), on April 20, 1934; SS Obersturmführer ( Lieutenant ), on November 9, 1934 and SS Hauptsturmführer ( Captain ), on September 12, 1937, but for reasons of behavior is demoted to sergeant major in 1937.

Boger had joined the political police in 1933 as an auxiliary. In 1937, he is promoted to kriminalkommissar of the Gestapo . In 1939, he was assigned to the Gestapo Office in Ciechanow, Poland . In 1942, he was incorporated into the Political Office of the Auschwitz concentration camp where he reached the rank of SS Hauptscharführer.

In the Holocaust

Boger was immediately assigned to the Political Department , a unit that was known as the ” Gestapo of the Concentration Camp “, among his functions was to interrogate the suspects of belonging to the anti-Nazi resistance. In these functions, Boger designed a torture machine that was called the Swing Boger (BogerSchaukel), which according to its creator, was “a machine to make talk”. It consisted of a metal bar from where the detainee was hung just above his genitals and tied by his knees. When he lost his balance, the weight of his body was inverted and his head was lowered. Under the command of SS Commander Arthur Liebehenschel , this instrument was theoretically forbidden. However, according to the evidence gathered at the Auschwitz Trial , Boger continued to perform acts of extreme cruelty.

According to the testimony of Dunia Wasserstrom, survivor and translator of the Political Department of Auschwitz, Boger during one of the selections,

Took a 4 or 5 year old boy who had gotten off a truck and had an apple in his hand, took the apple off him, grabbed the boy’s feet and slammed him hard against a wall of barracks killing the Boy immediately, then went eating the apple, the truck with the rest of the children was taken to the gas chamber . ”

Faced with the imminent arrival of the Soviet Army , on January 17, 1945, all the administration of Auschwitz escaped to the Mittelbau-Dora in Germany , including Boger.

Judicial prosecution

In 1945, he was arrested by the American troops and sent as an extradition to Poland . During the process of extradition escapes of the authorities and evades towards Germany . In 1958, he was again arrested, this time by the authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany and taken to the Second Auschwitz Trial on December 20, 1963, on charges of torture and murder. Convicted of 144 murders, the commission of 10 murders along with other perpetrators and complicity in the murder of more than 1000 people as part of his work as a member of the Auschwitz staff.

On August 19, 1965, he is sentenced to life imprisonment, with an additional