Walter Kutschmann

Walter Kutschmann ( Dresden , Germany , 24 of July of 1914 – Buenos Aires, Argentina , August 30, 1986) was a Untersturmführer of the SS and officer of the Gestapo , accused of being responsible for the slaughter of 2,000 Polish Jews in Lviv , Poland In 1941. 1


Walter Kutschmann was born in Dresden in 1914, the son of a dentist settled in that Hanseatic city, in 1928 he joined the Hitler Youth and in 1932 he was a soldier on the ground in the Luftwaffe until 1936. He began law studies; But left the race joining to the Condor Legion loyal to the forces of Francisco Franco in Spain participating in Spanish Civil War , where later it was Third Secretary of the German Consulate in Cadiz.

At the beginning of World War II he moved to Leipzig where he was enrolled in the security forces under Eberhard Schöngarth . He was promoted to Untersturmführer and was an officer in charge of an Einsatzgruppen extermination group operating in Drohobycz , Poland. Under his command, Kutschmann ordered the execution of 36 professors in Lwów and then 1,500 Polish intellectuals in the Lviv region in Brzeziny and Podhajce in 1942. In 1944 he was transferred to Paris under the orders of SS intelligence officer Hans Günther Von Dincklage where he briefly related to Coco Chanel in the so-called Operation Modellhut .

Being in France in the end of 1944, deserted to take refuge in Vigo, Spain under the facade of a Carmelite monk called Olmos, resident in Vigo ; Then, when Franco’s government began to ignore the Nazi refugees in 1947, he took refuge in the ODESSA Network and moved by sea on the Monte Amboto motorcade under the guise of a Catholic monk arriving in Argentina on January 16, 1948 Was assimilated as part of the management staff of the Osram utility serving as Purchasing Manager. In that country he married in August of 1973 with a citizen of German origin called Geralda Baeumler, a businesswoman of the heading veterinary residing in the seaside resort of Miramar . 2

The famous Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal discovered and managed the extradition of Kutschmann in Vienna. Interpol, after verifying the citizenship and marriage (which turned out to be false), requested his arrest before the Argentine government, being arrested in 1975, where he escaped losing his trail. In 1975 his Argentine citizenship was canceled and a second extradition request was made in 1985, where he was again arrested by Interpol officials in the locality of Vicente López , given his precarious health was kept in a prison hospital in Buenos Aires where he died A heart attack. His alleged wife was reported to the authorities for animal abuse by applying euthanasia , by gassing cameras, to homeless dogs in the Buenos Aires capital. 3


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