Vincent Reynouard

Vincent Reynouard (born February 18, 1969 ) is a chemical engineer , professor of mathematics , revisionist historian, Holocaust denialist and author of French essays, videos and documentaries.


He has been imprisoned in France for his writings on World War II . The law in France is called ” Gayssot Law ” (in honor of the communist deputy Jean-Claude Gayssot). His revisionist work has gained notoriety in connection with the Oradour-sur-Glane massacre . According to Vincent Reynouard: “We must look at the best that National Socialism has given and offered us in order to achieve it and forge a doctrine that is capable of saving our Old Continent.”

He was released from French prison on April 5, 2011.


  • Les camps de concentration allemands , 1941-1945
  • Les responsabilités des vainqueurs of 1918
  • La vérité sur les clichés pris en 1945 à la libération des camps
  • The sélection des juifs à Auschwitz
  • Le Massacre d’Oradour. A demi-siècle de mise en scène , 1997