Vegetarianism by Adolf Hitler

The vegetarianism of Adolf Hitler is believed to be based on historical anti – Semitic theories of Richard Wagner 1 connecting the future of Germany with vegetarianism. 2 3 However, there is disagreement among experts who agree that Adolf Hitler practiced some form of vegetarianism , 4 and others who believe that this was not true. 5 6

Opinions in favor

Hitler believed that a vegetarian diet could both alleviate his health problems and regenerate the human race spiritually. 3 Despite these beliefs, many people point out that Hitler occasionally ate meat during the 1930s . Likewise, Hitler was not a strict vegetarian despite his preference for vegetarian meals. Some of the modern references to Hitler’s vegetarianism are found in comedy. 7 8

Do you know that your Führer is a vegetarian, and that he does not eat meat because of his general attitude towards life and his love for the animal world? Do you know that your Führer is an exemplary animal friend, and even as chancellor, he did not separate from the animals he kept for years? … The Führer is an ardent opponent of any torture in animals, particularly vivisection and Has declared that he will end these conditions … thus fulfilling his role as the savior of animals, of the continuous and unmentionable torments and pain.

Neugeist / Die Weisse Fahne (German Review of the New Thought Movement ) 9

According to the stenographic transcriptions translated by Hugh Trevor-Roper from conversations between Hitler and his inner circle between July 1941 and 1944 , Hitler referred to himself as a vegetarian (anyway, the British historian Allan Bullock argues that Hitler Could not allow the use of a tape recorder and the written transcripts were edited by Bormann). 10

According to these dated transcripts the November of November of 1941 , Hitler said, “One may regret living in a time when it is impossible to form an idea of the way the world will take in the future. But there is one thing I can predict Meat eaters: the world of the future will be vegetarian. ” The December to January of 1942 , said: “The only thing that I will be unable to share with the sheikhs is the lamb I’m a vegetarian, and I must excuse her flesh..” 11 , with which Hitler is saying that he was able to eat other types of meat.

In private conversations, Hitler often recited the benefits of eating raw vegetables, fruit and grains, particularly for children and soldiers . In an attempt to spoil food and cause your guests to stay away from meat, graphically he recounted stories of visits he made to a slaughterhouse in Ukraine .

Food writer Bee Wilson points out: 12

“It amused him to spoil the carnivorous appetites of his guests … When they lowered their forks with disgust, he was able to harangue them by their hypocrisy.” This shows how cowardly people are, “he said.” They can not afford to do certain horrible things for themselves Themselves, but enjoy their benefits without a pang of conscience. “

Bee Wilson

In November 1938, an article in the English magazine Homes & Gardens described the house on Hitler’s mountain, The Berghof . Ignatius Phayrethe wrote, “A long vegetarian life at the table, sections of Hitler’s kitchen are all varied and are full of products.Even with Hitler’s meatless diet, he is a kind of gourmet, such as Sir John Simon and Anthony Eden was surprised when they ate with him at the Presidential Palace in Berlin.

The chef of Bavaria , Herr Kannenberg, devises a stunning array of vegetarian, tasty and rich dishes, pleasing to the eye and the palate, and all subject to dietary standards that Hitler demands. ” 13

In a journal entry dated the 26 of April of 1942 , Joseph Goebbels described Hitler as a convinced vegetarian, writing: 14

“An extended chapter of our talk was dedicated by the Führer to the vegetarian issue, he believes more than ever that eating meat is harmful to mankind. Of course, he knows that during the war our food system can not be completely altered. After the war, however, he intends to address this problem as well.Maybe he is right.No doubt the arguments he argues in favor of his point of view are very convincing. “

Joseph Goebbels

Martin Bormann , who as head of the Party Chancellery (and Hitler’s private secretary) is considered by most historians to be the second most powerful Nazi officer in Germany, built a large greenhouse for Hitler in Berchtesgaden in order to keep him Of fresh fruit and vegetables during the war. Personal pictures of Bormann’s children show that the greenhouse survived, and by 2005, their bases are among the only ruins associated with Nazi leadership still visible in the area.

Finally, in his personal life, Hitler showed anticarne tendencies. Hitler disapproved of cosmetics since they contained products of animal origin. She frequently mocked her lover Eva Braun about her habit of wearing makeup. 11 In his reminiscence of the post-war The Enigma of Hitler , the Belgian SS general and Hitler’s friend, Leon Degrelle wrote: “He can not bear to eat meat, because it means the death of a living creature. Rabbit as a trout for his food, he only allowed eggs at his table, because for the laying of eggs the hen has not suffered but killed. ” fifteen

Questioning the vegetarianism of Hitler

Although Hitler ingested animal products, such as cheese, butter and milk, he tried not to eat meat so as not to upset his “nervous stomach.” He suffered from indigestion and periodic spasms since he was a teenager, 16 as well as excessive wind and uncontrollable sweats. 17 The first known fact of his attempts to control his gastric problems through diet appears in a letter he wrote in 1911 when he was in Vienna: “I am glad to be able to announce that I feel quite well […] It was only a slight indisposition and I am trying to cure it with a diet of fruits and vegetables. ” 18 He observed that when he reduced his intake of meat, he did not sweat so much and did not so much stain his underwear. He was also convinced that by eating vegetables his flatulence did not smell so bad, something that was extremely embarrassing and distressing. 19

He was panicked at the sight of cancer (his mother had died like this) and believed that the omnivorous diet and contamination were the cause of the disease. 20 However, Hitler never completely gave up his favorite meat dishes, especially Bavarian sausages , liver dumplings and stuffed and roasted game pieces. twenty-one

There is also the question of whether or not Hitler’s state policies supported vegetarianism. It is maintained by the British Vegetarian Society that Hitler pursued and closed down German vegetarian organizations and associations as “Vegetarier-Bund Deutschlands” (closed by the association’s own members after deciding after a vote not to join the “Nazi Reformist Movement” in 1936 But this was due to the general prohibition of the Nazis of any independent society and not to any hostility towards vegetarianism, which Hitler claimed to support personally. “Vegetarier-Bund Deutschlands” only began its legal activities after the Nazis lost The Second World War in 1945. 22 23

Para Hitler, la compasión y la ternura eran anatema; creía que la fuerza da la razón y que los fuertes merecían heredar la Tierra.24 Sentía un completo desprecio por los movimientos filosóficos vegetarianos y no-violentos, y se mofaba de Gandhi.25 En cierta ocasión, Hitler resumió así su visión del mundo: “Quien no posee el poder pierde el derecho a la vida”26

In a letter entitled “Do not Put Hitler Among the Vegetarians,” 6 Richard H. Schwartz , author of Judaism and Vegetarianism , pointed out that Hitler sometimes adopted a vegetarian diet to relieve his excessive sweating and flatulence, but his main diet was Centered on the flesh. He also mentioned that according to well-known Hitler biographers, such as Robert Payne or Albert Speer , Hitler loved sausages, ham, liver, and game. He also argued that in addition to banning vegetarian organizations in Germany and the occupied countries, he also did not urge German people to follow a meatless diet as a way to cope with food shortages during World War II.

According to Robert Payne, Hitler’s vegetarianism was an invention made by propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels to endow the Fuhrer with an air of ascetic revolution:

“Hitler’s asceticism played an important role in the image he projected on Germany, according to the widely believed legend, he never smoked or drank, nor did he eat meat or had anything to do with women. “

Robert Payne 5

Dione Lucas , in his work “The Cooking School of the Gourmet Cookbook” (1964), who was the chef of a hotel in Hamburg before World War II, claims to have seen Hitler eat meat often: 27

“Hitler was by no means an ethical vegetarian,” says Berry. He believes it is important to counter the expert claims that the Nazi leader abstained from meat “because non-vegetarians tend to use the Nazi affair to discredit vegetarianism in general.”

Deborah Rudacille 28

Author Rynn Berry, 29 vegetarian and animal rights advocate , maintains that although Hitler reduced the amount of meat in his diet, he never stopped eating meat completely for a significant amount of time. Berry argues that many historians use the term ‘vegetarian’ incorrectly to describe someone who simply reduces their meat consumption. 4 30

“I do not wish to spoil his appetite for stuffed pigeon meat, but he might be interested to know that he was a great favorite of Mr. Hitler, who dined at the hotel often.”

Dione Lucas

Traudl Junge , who became Hitler’s secretary in 1941, stated that he “always avoided meat” but his Austrian cook Kruemel sometimes added a bit of animal broth or fat to his meals. “The Fuhrer realized most of the time about the attempted deception, became very angry and then had stomach ache,” said Jungle. “In the end they only allowed Kruemel to cook clear soup and mashed potatoes.” 31

In 1943, Marlene von Exner became the dietitian Hitler and reportedly added bone marrow to soups without his knowledge because “despised” his vegetarian diet. 12
From 1936 until Hitler’s death by suicide in 1945, Theodor Morell , his personal physician, gave him “medicinal supplements” containing animal components. 30 32 Morell subministraba Hitler daily injections of commercially prepared tonics containing animal products, as Gyconorm, an injectable compound containing vitamins B1, B2 and C, cardiac muscle, adrenal gland, liver and pancreas.

Other injected preparations contained placenta, bovine testosterone and extracts containing seminal vesicles and prostate to combat depression. At that time, it was popularly believed that animal gland extracts were “elixirs of youth”. 33

In document 2 “Women of Hitler, Women Around Hitler” from the book “Interrogatories, The Third Reich on the Bench” reads as follows: 34

“He had prescribed Hitler’s vegetarian diet the previous year, whose components he used to send to the Berghof from his clinic.” Miss Martiali sometimes went to the kitchen to prepare the meals.Hitler had growing intestinal problems and as a dietary assistant Jewish) sent him by Marshal Antonescu (34) was absent, the choice fell on Miss Martiali. ” (…) “Hitler’s house in Munich, on the Prinzregentenstrasse, was under the care of a marriage surnamed Winter. The husband took care of all the details of housing, repairs, etc., but the main job was He kept the house of five rooms, in order, and took care of Hitler – in what was not the competence of the Hitler. Male servants-when I was in town, I prepared simple meals, consisting mainly of eggs, vegetables and salads. “

Interrogatories. The Third Reich on the bench, “Hitler’s Women, Women Around Hitler,” Paper 2

Léon Degrelle, general of the SS and friend of Hitler, wrote: “I could not bear to eat meat, because it meant the death of a living creature. I only tolerated eggs, because the laying of the egg meant that the hen had been preserved instead of sacrificed “.


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