Ulrich Wilhelm Graf Schwerin von Schwanenfeld

Ulrich Wilhelm Graf Schwerin von-Schwanenfeld ( Copenhagen , 21 of December of 1902 – Plötzensee , Berlin , 8 of September of 1944 ) was alandowner of noble German, officer and member of the German resistance to Nazism .


The son of a diplomat was born in Copenhagen . He graduated from the convent of Roßleben in 1921 and studied agronomy in Munich .

Witness of the Putsch of the Brewery in 1923 detested the National Socialism .

He graduated from Breslau in 1926 and went on to manage the family properties.

In 1928 he handcuffed Marianne Sahm, daughter of Heinrich Sahm, president of the Senate of Danzig .

In 1933 he was admitted into the Order of St. John of the Bailiwick of Brandenburg , as a knight of honor, although later he was elevated to the rank of knight of justice in the same Order. 1

By 1935 he was convinced that Adolf Hitler was to die. In 1938 from the invasion of Czechoslovakia , Schwerin belonged to resistance circles with his closest friends Peter Yorck von Wartenburg and Fritz-Dietlof Graf von der Schulenburg, and then to the Kreisau Circle .

When the Second War was unleashed, it was called by the Wehrmacht as part of the team of Erwin von Witzleben . Schwerin was transferred to Utrecht until March of 1943, soon Hans Oster summons it to the Abwehr in Berlin .

Schwerin participates in the plot of 20 of July of 1944 to assassinate to Hitler. He is arrested the next day, tried and convicted by Judge Roland Freisler . The inquisitor Freisler ridicules and humiliates him (he shouted so loudly that he could not hear the accused’s voice), condemns him to the gallows and is executed that same day at the Plötzensee Prison in Berlin .


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