TV Overdose

TV Overdose is a simple song created by Gustavo Cerati and performed by Argentine rock band Soda Stereo . It is one of the first songs of the group and also one of its first massive successes.

The issue was used to officially present the group ‘s first album, Soda Stereo , the 27 of August of 1984 in the Astros Theatre Buenos Aires . It occupied the track 2 of side A. It is one of the classic subjects of Soda Stereo, present in all its recitales and anthologies.

The letter

The letter refers to the addiction to the television , and the dependence generated ( “my body processed, to the beat of your heart” ).

Cerati focuses on the subject as if it were a relationship with a woman ( “I am so vulnerable to your love” ) who runs her life with imperious orders: “Lie down, get up! Turn it off, turn it on! “ .

The final verse ( “I can not continue to marginalize” ) is beautiful, striking and forceful. On the one hand it transmits the desire to cut with addiction and on the other, it expresses with the remarkable final word ( marginalizing ) the harmful face of the process of technological pollution. In some shows of the tour Me Verás Volver , and in The Last Concert , Cerati changed the phrase to “I can not continue to masturbate” , which denotes the dependence on television over self-satisfaction. It should be noted that this is the true lyrics of the song, but at the time it was written, the label demanded that it be changed, because it was very explicit at the time.

The letter reflects an unusual honesty referred to the television addiction and represents the reality of the first generation of Argentina in full grown with the dominant presence of television in each home.

It is part of the first generation of Soda Stereo themes ( Dietetic, My Girlfriend Has Biceps, Aphrodisiacs, Why Can not I Be A Jet Set, A Missile In My Closet) related, on the one hand, to a return to democracy In Argentina ( December 10, 1983) and on the other, with the notions of postmodernity and the way in which young people of the 80’s tried to think their role in a democratic society that came out of a bloody dictatorship and a war .

The music

The music of Sobredosis of TV and the rest of the album are thought, above all things, to dance. On the one hand the group had the immediate concern of liking, on their release album, but there must also be a deeper feeling, latent in that generation, of regaining the right to laugh, to have fun and to love without guilt.

In the sound of the theme you can feel the production work of Federico Moura , the mythical leader of Virus , that transmitted to Cerati the security to deepen a line of musical work that broke with the sound that came from the 70 , at the same time that contributed A professional seriousness for the edition of the disc, that at that time almost nobody had in Latin America .

Related terms

  • TV overdose was used to present the band’s first album: Soda Stereo . For the occasion, a stage design was chosen related to the theme, placing 26 televisions turned on and out of tune, in an atmosphere full of smoke, generating an unusual and catching visual effect. As a curious fact notes the fact that televisions never worked again.


  • In 1997, a rocker version of the normal was made for The Last Concert with the participation of Richard Coleman
  • TV Overdose was one of two tracks (the other was In the City of Fury ) performed by Soda Stereo at the press conference in which they formally announced their return to perform the “Me Verás Volver Tour , in Museum , in The district of San Telmo of Buenos Aires, 20 of September of 2007 . 1 Here you can see this version (The Return of Soda Stereo: Overdose TV , in San Telmo, on September 20, 2007) .
  • In the historic recital given in Obras on 11-12-13 April 1986 they made an interesting version of TV Overdose with riffs of the theme Nothing personal that can be seen here .


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