The Truce (1997 film)

The truce is a 1997 filmdirected by Francesco Rosi , starring John Turturro and based on the novel of the same name written by Primo Levi . It is a co-production between Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland, was filmed in Turin, Italy and Ukraine . The film participated in the official selection of the Festival of Cannes of 1997 .


It is the story of Italian Jews returning home from Auschwitz after the war. It shows their experiences re-adjusting their lives and their fears about what they could find in their country of origin. In the winter of 1945, the communist army liberated Auschwitz; The humanist prisoner Primo Levi (played by John Turturro ) begins his journey to his home in Turin . But it approaches a train that goes in the opposite direction, to Poland . After a short time with Mardenou, a wise Greek guide ( Rade Šerbedžija ), Primo is imprisoned in a camp for displaced people, where freedom is limited, but where music and dance revive the feelings of those who live there. The Italians will try to reach Odesa to be able to return home. 2


  • John Turturro as Primo Levi.
  • Rade Šerbedžija as Mardenou, the Greek.
  • Massimo Ghini as Cesare.
  • Stefano Dionisi as Daniele.
  • Teco Celio as Col. Rovi
  • Roberto Citran as Unverdorben.
  • Claudio Bisio as Ferrari.
  • Andy Luotto as D’Agata.
  • Agnieszka Wagner as Galina.
  • Lorenza Indovina as Flora.
  • Marina Gerasimenko as Maria Fyodorovna.
  • Igor Bezgin as Yegorov.
  • Aleksandr Ilyin as The Mongol.
  • Vyacheslav Olkhovskiy as Lieutenant Sergei
  • Anatoli Vasilyev as Dr. Gotlieb


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