The trip of the damned

Voyage of the Damned , known in Spanish for the titles of The Journey of the Damned (in Spain and Argentina) and The Journey of the Damned (in Mexico and Colombia), is a British feature film released on December 22, 1976. In Mexico Was premiered on October 6, 1977. It tells a story based on real events, the journey undertaken by a transatlantic with a passage of German Jews from the port of Hamburg to the port of Havana , Cuba , all as a covert propaganda maneuver And espionage of the German National Socialist Party ( NSDAP ).


Germany , 1939 . The Saint Louis, a luxury liner , departs from the port of Hamburg with 937 German Jews on board. Some are victims of the first Nazi concentration camps, others are prestige professionals recently expelled from their positions. Strangely, the Nazi government has allowed him to leave the country. The ship arrives in Havana , where some of the passengers try to reunite with their relatives in Cuba . However, the Cuban authorities do not allow their disembarkation, since they are not authorized to do so, forcing them to return to Germany while the rest of the world looks the other way. The Nazi Germany intended at one time to carry out a propaganda maneuver and pass information to its spy network in Cuba. Some arrangements allow the departure of only three passengers, two children and one adult. The rest will apparently return to Germany, to the despair of the passengers, some of whom opt for suicide . The captain ( Max von Sydow ), a man opposed to Nazism , will try to find a solution, first directing the ship to the American waters, from where they will be rejected by the Coast Guard. The last option is a risky maneuver the ship to run aground on the English coast … 3 4 5

Production data

Based on the eponymous novel by Max Gordon-Witts and Gordon Thomas, which portrays a case of international responsibility during the early stages of the Nazi holocaust . It was performed by Stuart Rosenberg and featured a wide and luxurious cast including Faye Dunaway , Oskar Werner , Max von Sydow , Lee Grant , Malcolm McDowell , Maria Schell , Ben Gazzara , Jose Ferrer , Orson Welles , James Mason and Fernando Rey . In the case of Werner, the trip of the damned was the last interpretation for the cinema of the Austrian actor.

The scenes set in Cuba were filmed in Spain, specifically in Barcelona . Spanish actor Fernando Rey, who has appeared in other productions in English at the same time, plays the Cuban president. The rest of the scenarios chosen were St. Pancras Chambers, St. Pancras Station, (St. Pancras, London, England, United Kingdom); And EMI Elstree Studios, in Borehamwood, ( Hertfordshire , England, UK), for studio interiors. 6


  • Faye Dunaway … Denise Kreisler
  • Oskar Werner … Professor Egon Kreisler
  • Lee Grant … Lili Rosen
  • Sam Wanamaker … Carl Rosen
  • Lynne Frederick … Anna Rosen
  • Max von Sydow … Captain Schroeder
  • Malcolm McDowell … Max Gunter
  • Helmut Griem … Otto Schiendick
  • Julie Harris … Alice Fienchild
  • Nehemiah Persoff … Mr. Hauser
  • Maria Schell … Mrs. Hauser
  • Paul Koslo … Aaron Pozner
  • Jonathan Pryce … Joseph Manasse
  • Luther Adler … Professor Weiler
  • Wendy Hiller … Rebecca Weiler
  • David de Keyser … Joseph Joseph
  • Victor Spinetti … Dr. Erich Strauss
  • Della McDermott … Julia Strauss
  • Genevieve West … Sarah Strauss
  • Janet Suzman … Leni Strauss
  • Brian Gilbert … Laurenz Schulman
  • Georgina Hale … Lotte Schulman
  • Adele Strong … Mrs. Schulman
  • Keith Barron … Purser Mueller
  • Anthony Higgins … Sailor Heinz Berg
  • Orson Welles ..José Estedes
  • James Mason … Dr. Juan Remos
  • Katharine Ross … Mira Hauser
  • Michael Constantine … Luis Clasing
  • José Ferrer … Manuel Benitez
  • Ben Gazzara … Morris Troper
  • Fernando Rey … President Bru
  • Bernard Hepton … Milton Goldsmith
  • Günter Meisner … Robert Hoffman, Der Stürmer’s Correspondent in Cuba (as Guenter Meisner)
  • Milo Sperber … Rabbi
  • Ian Cullen … Steinman, radio broadcasting officer
  • Donald Houston … Dr. Glauner
  • David Daker … First Officer
  • Constantine Gregory … Navigation Officer (as Constantin de Goguel)
  • Don Henderson … Official Engineer
  • Ina Skriver … Singer
  • Marika Rivera … Madame of the Cuban brothel
  • Frederick Jaeger … Werner Mannheim
  • Denholm Elliott … Admiral Wilhelm Canaris
  • Leonard Rossiter … Commander Von Bonin
  • Philip Stone … Secretary
  • Luis Ciges … Secretary of the President Bru (uncredited)
  • Carl Duering … German Ambassador in Cuba (uncredited)
  • Harry Fielder … Refugee on the boat (uncredited)
  • Laura Gemser … Companie de Estedes (uncredited)
  • Robin Halstead … SS Photographer (uncredited)
  • Bernard Kaye … Port Practitioner (uncredited)
  • Antonio Lara … Journalist (uncredited)
  • Tom Laughlin … Officer Ingeniero (uncredited)
  • Gary McDermott … Koster – Helmsman (uncredited)
  • Vikki Richards (uncredited)


Oscar Awards of the Hollywood Academy 1976 (1)

Category Nominated Result
Oscar for best supporting actress Lee Grant Nomination
Oscar to the best script adapted David Butler and Steve Shagan Nomination
Oscar for the best soundtrack Lalo Schifrin Nomination

(1) They correspond to the ceremony held in 1977.

Golden Globes

The film received six nominations for the Golden Globe Awards , of which the most outstanding were:

Category Nominated Result
Golden Globe for Best Picture The trip of the damned Nomination
Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress Katharine Ross Winner


In IMDb, users gave the film a rating of 6.3 out of 10, as of November 2011.

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