The seventh secret

The seventh secret (” The Seventh Secret “) is a novel written by Irving Wallace in 1985, which tells an alternate story, in which Adolf Hitler survives World War II .


British historian Harrison Ashcroft learns from an informant that there is “evidence” that Hitler did not commit suicide, as the popular version tells, and survived at the end of World War II. When he travels to West Berlin to investigate, he is killed by a truck and his death is attempted to go through an accident. This is described by the West Berlin police chief, Wolfgang Schmidt.

Ashcroft’s death makes his daughter Emily, who worked with him on a biography of Hitler, go to Berlin to investigate. Also arriving in the city are Californian architect Rex Foster, agent Tovah Levine of the Mosad and Mr. Kirvov, collector of paintings painted by Hitler.

Emily visits the dentist of Hitler, who puts it after the clue of a necklace and shows him the dental records of the Führer, that do not match with those found in his supposed corpse. This makes Emily decide to inquire into the bunker where Hitler allegedly spent his last days with his wife, Eva Braun …

While investigating, Emily meets Levine and Foster, with whom she feels immediately connected, and who reveals the information she should keep as a secret. Foster saves her from dying at the hands of a stranger, which pushes them to start a romance.

Emily, Kirkov, Foster and Levine join forces to find out the incredible truth. Kirkov finds a picture after 1952 that seems to be an authentic work of Hitler, which would show that he is still alive. Levine discovers that both Hitler and Eva Braun had doubles who replaced them in official functions. Those doubles might be the ones that died in the bunker.

Foster finds out that Hitler had seven bunkers, although only six were known. In the bunker where the couple died they find a secret passage from their private room. Foster ventures into the passage and discovers that he leads to another unknown bunker, where he finds Emily, who had disappeared at the Wolf Café, which sits right above the bunker. They also find Eva Braun, who is still alive. After releasing Emily, she administers a serum of truth to Eva, who now calls herself Evelyn Hoffman, and gets her to tell him the truth. According to Eva, the doubles died while Hitler and she hid themselves from the Russians in the secret bunker. He relates that Hitler died the same day as JFK , and since then he directs the Nazis. When the war ended, in the secret bunker there were more than 50 Nazis who will rise again when they are strong and the Soviets and the Americans have destroyed each other. It also reveals another secret: that Hitler and she had a daughter. Hitler did not want the girl to live locked in the bunker and paid her maid to raise her. Her name is Klara Feigbig, she is married and pregnant, but she does not know her origin. Eva confesses that the police chief, Wolfgang Scmidt, was actually a member of the SS and is preparing to lead the new Nazi Germany.

Tovah confesses that he belongs to the Mossad and suggests hijacking Eva and eliminating the Nazis by poisoning them with Xyklon-B. Schmidt and the Nazis die, but Eva escapes and tries to convince her daughter to flee with her, which leads to a tragic end.