The rite (song)

The rite is a song composed by Gustavo Cerati and performed by the Argentine rock band Soda Stereo . The subject was released on the album Signs , 1986. 1


The letter represents the process that happened when he met Cecilia Amenábar, who is not registered in concrete form, with whom began a relationship more open to the public in 1989.

I'm a defiler, I'm defying time, and once my transgression is to try to have you, heaven understands that my obsession is reaching a limit, the desert at least today (criticism, consequence, etc ...) does not seem ... no It looks so. You usually find me anywhere, and you know nothing is chance, your mysterious form will hurt me (here alludes to its premature youth form, and was frowned upon at the time) but every second I'll be closer .. more .. more (Cecilia approaching adulthood) Paralyzing I can never wait for you, and I do not have to wait for an altar of sacrifice (popular judgment) to get into your ritual (ritual = tradition, traditionalisms) and decipher your enigma (knowing) More (hide the situation)

Silence is not wasted time (while taking advantage of time). You usually meet me anywhere, and you know nothing is a coincidence. Your mysterious form will hurt me, but every second I’ll be closer .. more .. more. Challenging the rite (against traditionalism) by destroying myths.


The song is a rock ballad . It begins with a mystical sound – with “sounds” of ritual – and with an ambiance that quickly gets into the subject, followed by Gustavo Cerati ‘s classic guitar riff as an introduction to the lyrics, with a love theme.

In the live performances Cerati used to present the song with the phrase “Welcome to the rite”.


Gustavo Cerati re-performed El Rito in his solo stage , including it as the third song on his live album 11 Episodios Sinfónicos (2001), which was performed together with a live symphony orchestra, at Teatro Avenida in Buenos Aires . In addition, the song was re-recorded by Soda Stereo, first on the live album El Ultimo Concierto (1997), and for the last time on the tour Me Veras Volver , which was released on the album Gira Me Verás Volver and the DVD Soda Stereo: Gira Me Verás Volver (both from 2007), with a slightly more rocker version.


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