The other Mr. Klein

The other Mr. Klein is a Franco-Italian co-production of 1976, directed by Joseph Losey . Produced and starring Alain Delon in the title role.


Mr. Robert Klein is a forty-year-old Frenchman who lives in Paris in 1942, who does not care about the war and the pain of the people. He is a collector of works of art, has a house full of luxuries and a young lover: when he needs it, as a good lender, he gets at half the price paintings that some Jew needs to get rid of.

His security is compromised when he discovers that there is another Robert Klein, probably a Jew, who tries to escape racial persecution, attributing his identity to him. Klein is frightened and goes to the police, arousing strong suspicions.

Things get complicated when Klein, looking for his namesake, locates the poor house where he lives, and his lover welcomes him in a castle. The man has good reason to believe that the stranger has set him up, perhaps to cover up his own terrorist activity, and hopes to escape by presenting to the authorities documents stating that he is Aryan . However, with the passage of days, the bait is closed even further because it is not possible to locate the second Mr. Klein, all the tracks lead to a dead end, and the police becomes increasingly aggressive. A lawyer offers him the way to leave France with a false passport, but he does not use it, determined to discover his enemy, from whom he has only heard the voice over the phone.


  • Alain Delon – Mr. Klein
  • Jeanne Moreau – Florence
  • Francine Bergé – Nicole
  • Juliet Berto – Jeanine
  • Jean Bouise – The clerk
  • Suzanne Flon – The Concierge
  • Massimo Girotti – Charles
  • Michael Lonsdale – Pierre
  • Michel Aumont – The official of the prefecture
  • Roland Bertin – The newspaper manager
  • Jean Champion – The Morgue Guard
  • Etienne Chicot – A policeman
  • Magali Clément – Lola
  • Gérard Jugnot – Photographer
  • Hermine Karagheuz – The young worker


  • Cesar Award 1977: Best Director (Joseph Losey)
  • César Award 1977: for the best film (Joseph Losey)
  • Prize Caesar 1977: to the best design of production (Alexandre Trauner)


  • Prize Caesar 1977: to the best actor (Alain Delon); To the best photography (Gerry Fisher); To the best editing (Henri Lanoë); And the best sound (Jean Labussière)
  • Golden Palm Award 1976: Joseph Losey