The night porter

The Night Porter (in Italian: Il Portiere di notte ) is a film directed by Liliana Cavani in 1974 and carried out by Charlotte Rampling and Dirk Bogarde .

 It was banned from exhibiting in many countries at the time of its release.


The action takes place in Vienna in 1957 . The wife of a well-known American conductor recognizes in the nocturnal porter of the hotel where the Nazi SS officer who was guarding her during her internment and from which she became a forced lover is housed. A history of mutual suspicions, of relationships where hatred and desire are intermingled, where the hated is covered with the mantle of the desired. The political background of groups of former Nazis who protect the present from their comrades by any method has little consistency with the personal drama of both protagonists and their mutual attraction. Guilt as an instrument of power. And, above all, the shadow of the self- destructive will of the victim reappears , arising from their masochistic desires


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