The last train to Auschwitz

The last train to Auschwitz ( Der letzte Zug in the original German) is a German filmabout the Holocaust and World War II .


The Nazis definitely want to exterminate the Jews of Berlin . More than 70,000 people have already been deported from the city, and transports continue to be produced. In April of 1943 a train with 688 Jews leaves for the station of Grunewald towards Auschwitz . On a trip that will last six days in the middle of a fight against heat, hunger and thirst. In his desperation, leaders such as Henry ( Gedeon Burkhard ), Albert ( Roman Roth ), Lea ( Lale Yavas ) and Ruth ( Sibel Kekilli ) will rise in search of an effective escape, but time is pressing and Auschwitz is approaching more and more .


  • Gedeon Burkhard , Henry Neumann
  • Lale Yavas , Lea Neumann
  • Lena Beyerling , Nina Neumann
  • Sibel Kekilli , Ruth Zilbermann
  • Roman Roth , Albert Rosen
  • Ludwig Blochberger , Crewes