The Holocaust Industry

The Holocaust Industry: The exploitation of the suffering of the Jews is a book written by Norman Finkelstein and published in the year 2000 in EE. In which the argument is defended that there is an “industry” that would be exploiting the memory of the Holocaust , in addition to ensuring that the industry trivializes the Jewish culture and its religion, as well as perverts the general history of the Holocaust.

The main thesis is that there is what Finkelstein calls a “Holocaust industry” (with a capital letter, to distinguish it from the real holocaust, according to the author), fomented and exploited by large American Jewish organizations especially since the Arab-Israeli War Of 1967 to benefit from huge indemnity funds, thereby promoting its new privileged situation and, ultimately, to immunize the policy of the State of Israel against all criticism . Finkelstein describes to this effect the financial extortions to which these Jewish lobbyists have subjected Switzerland and Germany and the legitimate Jewish claimants of the Holocaust. He complains that the compensation funds have not been used for the most part to help the survivors, who have remained in neglect and destitution, but for spurious purposes. 1


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