Tadeusz Pankiewicz

Tadeusz Pankiewicz ‘ (November 21, 1908 in Sambor – November 5, 1993, Krakow ), was a Polish Catholic pharmacist and one operating in the Krakow ghetto during the occupation of Poland (1939-1945). He was recognized as “righteous among the Nations” by Yad Vashem on February 10, 1983, for rescuing countless Jews from the Holocaust .

Pankiewicz studied at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. In 1933 he was the owner of the pharmacy “Under the Eagle” ( Apteka Pod Orłem ) founded in 1910 by his father Jozef. 2 the pharmacy was located in Plac Zgody (formerly Mały Rynek Square) in Krakow Podgórze district. Its pre-war clientele included both Polish and Jewish Catholics.

Often with scarce medicines and pharmaceuticals, it provided the residents of the favela, at no cost substantially improving their quality of life. In fact, apart from health considerations that contributed to survival itself. In his published testimonies, Pankiewicz makes particular mention of hair dyes used by those disguising their identities and tranquilizers to children needed to keep quiet during the raids of the Gestapo .

Tadeusz Pankiewicz died in 1993 and is buried in Cracow Rakowicki Cemetery .


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