Stauffenberg (TV series)

Stauffenberg is a television series directed by Jo Baier about the July 20, 1944, Hitler bombing .


Germany year 1944 . A group of German military plan an attack against Hitler with the aim of overthrowing the Nazi regime and ending the Second World War . To carry out their plan they have the help of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg , who plans to put a bomb in Hitler ‘s Headquarters in East Prussia , the Wolfsschanze , “The Wolf’s Den”.

This German production, made for TV, is a historically rigorous account of the famous attack on Hitler on July 20, 1944, from Stauffenberg’s point of view. The film shows the trajectory of the young colonel, from his admiration for Hitler in 1933 , until he is seriously injured in North Africa (here a dramatic license is allowed : Stauffenberg was injured by a howitzer and not by a plane as it leaves in The film), losing an eye and part of a hand. Restored from his wounds and seeing that the war is lost, Stauffenberg decides to join the conspirators and be the executioner of the bombing. His intention was to sign an armistice with the allies and end the war.

The attack failed, some of the conspirators did not finally join the plot and all were shot or forced to commit suicide .

This telefilm does not stand out for anything in particular, it is limited to tell the facts with enough historical rigor but without too much originality. Both formal and argumentative everything is very academic, with correct interpretations, an ambience not spectacular but well maintained, and some very successful scenes, such as the execution of Stauffenberg or moments of tension that are lived in the Ministry of War when Makes it clear that the conspiracy has failed and General Friedrich Fromm detains the coup plotters.


In 2007 director Bryan Singer directed another version titled Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise . Arriving at the screen in 2009.

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