Spring 0

“‘ Primavera 0′ ” is a song and simple of the Argentine rock band Soda Stereo , written by Gustavo Cerati . It was the first single from his sixth Dynamo studio album and he had the difficult challenge of being the first of a band’s studio album to be released after his successful previous album Animal Song , and to show and try the new sound of the band , Much more experimental, different and strong, beginning to show the turn that gave the band to his music.


Fans warmly received ” Dynamo ” (compared to their previous album ” Animal Song “), largely because the group decided to change record company immediately after recording. Sony then had no intention of supporting an emigrating group and BMG could not promote a product from another company. Another factor that influenced was the strong sound change. However, ” Primavera 0 ” became one of the band’s most popular and classic songs. An example of this is that, since it was released, it has been performed in most of the band’s concerts until its separation in 1997 and then in the Tour Me Verás Volver in 2007.


The musical structure of the song has a slight resemblance to ” Of light music ” but is very different musically. The electric guitar accompanies almost the whole subject. It is “joined” musically with the song ” In Remolinos ” without pauses (when it is finishing ” In Swirls “, it begins ” Spring 0 “, united by a distorted sound of electric guitar). It starts with a “coupling” and then with strongly distorted electric guitar riff and refers to the typical “pounding” of the music of heavy rock or hard rock, but also has a strong influence of noise and groups like Sonic Youth. When you finish the riff, the voice begins Gustavo Cerati while it joins the low of Zeta and the battery of Charly , you do not end until the end of the subject, and then returns the crushing riff electric guitar.


The video clip was directed by Boy Olmi, and shows how the song was recorded, with images of Gustavo , Zeta and Charly recording the different parts of the song. It’s a kind of ” Making-of “.


During the Dynamo Tour (the tour of the album presentation) the song is interpreted together with ” In swirls “, as in the album. The two most well-known versions are the last concert in 1997 and the one of the Tour Me Verás Volver of 2007. The one of The last concert begins immediately with the riff without the characteristic distorted sound of guitar. La de la Gira You’ll see me come back is faster and more “rocker” than the original, also returns the classic union with ” En swirls ” through the distorted sound of guitar.