Sophie’s decision

Sophie’s Choice (original in English : Sophie’s Choice ) is a British film – American dramatic 1982 written and directed by Alan J. Pakula and starring Meryl Streep , Kevin Kline and Peter MacNicol . 1 Awarded numerous American and international film awards.


In the summer of 1947 Stingo, a young aspiring writer from the South American , settled in a family pension in Brooklyn , New York . Her tranquility will soon be disturbed by the terrible discussion of a couple living on the top floor. When he meets the lovers he is captivated by the charm and sympathy that both have. The woman, Sophie Zawistowska, is a beautiful Polish emigrant of Catholic faith . The man, Nathan Landau, is a charming but highly unbalanced scientist of Jewish origin . Little by little, Stingo becomes the best friend of lovers. While searching protect it from progressive abuses Nathan, Stingo falls in love with Sophie, who survived the death camp of Auschwitz during World War II , and lives tormented by his past and a terrible secret, which had never told anyone, And decides to reveal it to Stingo.


  • Meryl Streep … Zofia “Sophie” Zawistowski
  • Kevin Kline View Profile Nathan Landau
  • Peter MacNicol … Stingo
  • Rita Karin … Yetta Zimmerman
  • Stephen D. Newman … Larry Landau
  • Josh Mostel … Morris Fink
  • Marcell Rosenblatt … Astrid Weinstein
  • Moishe Rosenfeld
  • Robin Bartlett View Profile Lillian Grossman
  • Eugene Lipinski … Polish teacher
  • John Rothman … Librarian
  • Neddim Prohic … Jòzef
  • Katharina Thalbach … Wanda
  • Jennifer Lawn … Eva Zawistowski
  • Adrian Kalitka … Jan Zawistowski
  • Joseph Leon … Doctor Blackstock
  • David Wohl … English teacher


Meryl Streep had to learn both German and Polish to interpret her role. With this film Kevin Kline realized his cinematographic debut, being known before this by its acting in theater, mainly in musical comedies . It was also one of the first leading roles that had Peter MacNicol, who is usually more associated with his secondary roles in film and television than his main roles.

Awards and nominations

  • 1983 Oscar Award : Best Leading Actress (Meryl Streep)
  • Golden Globe Award 1983: Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Meryl Streep) – Drama
  • NYFCC Award 1982: Best Actress (Meryl Streep) and Best Picture (Nestor Almendros)
  • Award National Society of Film Critics 1983 Best Actress (Meryl Streep)
  • 1983 National Board of Review Award : Best Actress (Meryl Streep)
  • LAFCA Award 1982: Best Actress (Meryl Streep)
  • Prize Boston Society of Film Critics Best Actress (Meryl Streep): 1983
  • Prize Kansas City Film Critics Circle shared – Best Actress (Meryl Streep): 1983
  • Kinema Junpo Award 1984: Best Foreign Language Film (Alan J. Pakula) – Japan
  • Mainichi Film Concours 1984 Award for Best Foreign Language Film (Alan J. Pakula) – Japan
  • Robert Award 1984: Best Foreign Film and Best Director (Alan J. Pakula) – Denmark

The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Cinematography (Néstor Almendros), Best Costume Design (Albert Wolsky), Best Original Score (Marvin Hamlisch) and Best Adapted Screenplay (Alan J. Pakula).


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