Sons of the same god

Sons of the Lord ( Edges of the Lord in English ) is a dramatic film of 2001 located in Poland during World War II . The film deals with a Jewish boy ( Haley Joel Osment ) who flees from the Nazi troops who have invaded Poland , finally hiding with the help of the local Reverend ( William Dafoe ).


Romek, ( Haley Joel Osment ) is a Jewish child of Polish nationality who has received a strict teaching of Catholicism from his father and thus to be able to get rid of being deported to some concentration camp . While fleeing the Nazi persecution, Romek arrives at a home of the Gnietians ( Olaf Lubaszenko ) from a small village, there he meets his sons Władek ( Richard Banel ), who appears to be rude, and Tolo ( Liam Hess ), a Child with an interest in the catechism that tries to carry his faith to the point that he asks everyone to help him hang him in a tree .

The neighbors, Batylin ( Ryszard Ronczewski ) and his wife are executed by the Nazis after they acquired a pig illegally. There he meets Kluba ( Andrzej Grabowski ), a troublesome boy who does not think twice to mess with Romek for being “city” and to Maria ( Olga Frycz ), a young woman with whom he initiates a friendship .


The film was broadcast in several countries, however it was not released in the United States . 1 A critic in Variety predicted that the reason was that in the film, despite being shot in English, most of the actors spoke with a Polish accent.


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