Sobibor Escape

Escape from Sobibor ( Escape from Sobibor ) is a film British of 1987 the genre of drama directed by Jack Gold and Alan Arkin and Rutger Hauer in the main roles.

The script is based on the book of Richard Rashke , based in turn on historical facts of World War II , which narrates the massive escape of the Field of extermination of Sobibor in 1943 .


The 23 of September of 1943 a van leads into the sobibór extermination camp to a group of Soviet soldiers captured for forced labor, including comes a Russian official named Aleksandr Pechersky alias “” Sasha “” ( Rutger Hauer ), the arrival Coincides with the secret planning of a flight of Jewish prisoners led by Leon Feldhendler ( Alan Arkin ) and a select group of them to escape safe extermination by gassing , the arrival of the first Soviets to this field comes to alter in part the Plan, since the escape was only planned for a few of the 600 Jewish prisoners in camp I; But Sasha amplifies it to all the prisoners of this one; then you see the infamous role of the facility led by the cruel sergeant of the SS , Gustav Wagner (Hartmut Becker) and Captain Franz Reichleitner (Eric P. Caspar). While planning the escape, the Polish prisoner Luka (Joanna Pacula) falls in love with Sasha placing the romantic touch to the harsh reality of the prisoners. An independent evasion of the plan of 13 prisoners fails and are promptly captured resulting in the execution of 26 of them by machine-gunning, which only accelerates the planning of the escape which includes the assassination of the majority of the leaders of the SS , who were in that place, in addition to the Ukrainian guards. The leak finally begins on the morning of 14 of October of 1943 where not all come out with country life, due to different circumstances, preventing them from step to freedom.

Main actors

  • Alan Arkin as León. 1
  • Joanna Pacula as Luka.
  • Rutger Hauer as the POW Alexander Sasha Perchesky.
  • Hartmut Becker as Sergeant Wagner.
  • Eric P. Caspar as captain Franz Reichleitner.
  • Simon Gregor as Shlomo.
  • Jack Shepherd as Itzhak.

Awards. References

Rutger Hauer won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.


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