Signs (song)

Signos ” is a song written by Gustavo Cerati in its totality, and interpreted by the Argentine rock band Soda Stereo and it went on sale along with the album Signos in 1986 , a year after the publication of the album Nothing personal and this song Came out to be promoted in 1986 .


The song is composed of signs. Each line of three words represents a sign that conforms in this case to: three words (three signifiers) = 1 meaning. Signs. Ideas are made up of signs and that song is a sample of seemingly meaningless signs. He is playing with linguistics.

“Signing Uniting fissures Unset figures Signs, oh”

A chain of signs conforms a message and it contains an intention, in this case the intention is nothing more than to plant the intrigue uncovering with particular and provocative details

“Signs My insecure part Under a hostile moon Signs, oh”

He uses the Signos as means to send his message because of the shame that gives him speak more clearly and deliver everything (the message is complete and clear)

“I give you everything And always keep something”

The mystery and lack of clarity are elements in which it rests to confuse the listener / read the letter.

“There is no way There is no exact point”

It is an appeal to the attention and interpretation of the message, knowing that only one person will understand it perfectly

“You love me to obscure You sleep wrapped in nets”

“Call Me Riddles Soon Underwater”

“With Teeth Tear Your Stockings”

Linguistic Sign Definition


It is the only Soda Stereo song , which is not a ballad, to be played completely with acoustic guitar from start to finish without any electric guitar , since they have other acoustic songs like ” Tea for three “, but they are all ballads, Which makes the song so unique and one of the best songs of the band. The song begins with a riff of acoustic guitar and synthesizers , giving it a mysterious touch beginning of the song, then comes the piano , then the other instruments. Cerati plays acoustic guitar , Zeta the bass and Charly the drums .

Versions of the Band

During the White Noise tour , the song is played in the original way: 2 guitars and no bass.

In 1988, for a performance on the television show Mala Noche No , Cerati uses an electric guitar in this song, which Zeta uses his bass which was heard with high clarity.

In the farewell of Soda, The Last Concert , a different version is played with an acoustic guitar that plays full chords , along with an accordion and high presence of keyboards that give the sensation of being a vibraphone. While in the last tour, made in 2007, the same pattern of the original song is used, but with more fresh and modern sounds without leaving the context of the original song adding an electronic touch and ending with a more rocky style And lightweight. This version can also be found in the compilation “Obras Cumbres Vol. 2” on the second disc.

Other versions

One of the notable covers was the one performed by Tarja Turunen , former vocalist of the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish , who performed the song during his WLB World Tour .