Siegfried Seidl

Siegfried Seidl ( Tulln , Austria ; 24 as August as 1911 – Vienna , 4 February as as 1947 ) was a lawyer and official Austrian belonging to the SS Nazi, who was involved in the Holocaust Jew during World War II . 1


Seidl entered the SS with the file number 46,106 and the Nazi Party with the number 300,738. Reached the hierarchy of SS Hauptsturmführer ( captain ). He was commander of the concentration camp of Theresienstadt between 1941 and 1943 , when soon becomes commander of the concentration camp of Bergen Belsen . That year he integrated section IVB4 of the Gestapo under the orders of the SS Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann , 2 being delegated to Hungary like advisor of Jewish subjects for the deportation of the Jewish community towards the field of extermination of Auschwitz .

He was captured at the end of the war and taken to trial for war crimes . Being executed in the jail of Vienna, 4 of February of 1947 .


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