Serge Thion

Serge Thion (born 1942 ) is a long-standing French sociologist, essayist and researcher on political and social issues. He holds a PhD in Sociology and author of several books.

Until 2000 he was a researcher of the French CNRS , but that year he was dismissed for asserting the non-existence of crimes against humanity . From that moment, I manage an Internet site dedicated to spread denialist theses and attack their former colleagues in the CNRS. In 2002 he was found guilty of slander against the writer Didier Daeninckx and in September 2003 he was convicted of forgery, reproduce without permission of the authors and extensively modified with comments, texts copyright .

Serge Thion is co-author with Robert Faurisson of writings denying the existence of gas chambers in Nazi death camps .