Selected songs 93-04

93-04 songs chosen is a compilation album of Gustavo Cerati , launched the 13 of October of 2004 . The album compiles some songs of the artist between the years 1993 and 2004 . It is the first album of this type that the musician publishes as a soloist.

Two versions of the album were released, an international for the American market and a special one edited by the same Cerati to try to enter the market of Spain . The two versions have several different songs from each other, besides, the American version comes with a DVD disc containing the videos of Cerati as soloist until 2004 . In addition, the same version contains a new song, “Tu locura” that is the one that begins the disc.

Version of America

The version of America brings a CD with a different list of songs to the Spanish version, apart from a DVD with all the videos of Cerati released until that moment.


On the CD, “Immortal Walk”, “I love to leave you like this” and “Forgive is divine” were shortened to a regular 80-minute CD. The songs “Ghost” and “Your scar in me” are remixes of the album Reversiones: always is today . It also contains a new song, “Tu locura”, exclusive to this release.

  1. Your madness
  2. Rombos
  3. Immoral walk
  4. It’s just an illusion
  5. Home
  6. Press
  7. Yellow love
  8. Ghost (Leandro Fresco mix)
  9. Bridge
  10. Av. Alcorta
  11. I love to leave you like this
  12. Your scar on me (Zuker + Gus mix)
  13. Lisa
  14. Cheats
  15. I do not believe you
  16. Forgiving is divine
  17. Alive
  18. Now it’s never


Selected songs 93-04
DVD by Gustavo Cerati
Publication October 13, 2004
Record BMG
Producer (s) Gustavo Cerati
Timeline of videos by Gustavo Cerati
Selected songs 93-04 Gustavo Cerati: Here We Go Tour

The DVD contains the solo videos of Gustavo . The song “Río Babel” is shorter in the video than in the original album, Bocanada . The audio of “Artefacto” is a live version, and shows some Cerati shows playing this song. Finally, the last two songs, ” Animal song ” and ” Heart delator”, original of the time of Soda Stereo , are the videos of 11 symphonic episodes .

  1. Lisa
  2. I take you to take me
  3. Press
  4. Bridge
  5. Immoral walk
  6. Cheats
  7. Taboo
  8. Babel River
  9. Impossible things
  10. Karaoke
  11. Artifact (live)
  12. Animal song (11 symphonic episodes)
  13. Corazón delator (11 symphonic episodes)

Version of Spain

The record company (BMG) in its branch of the Iberian Peninsula did not want to edit the album, so Cerati edited it under an independent label, without the advertising support of his company in America. The Spanish version contains fewer songs than the American version. The songs « Karaoke » «House» and «Ghost» are the versions of the album Reversiones: always is today .

  1. I do not believe you
  2. Impossible things
  3. I love to leave you like this
  4. Your scar on me
  5. Artifact
  6. Sulky
  7. Alive
  8. Camouflage
  9. Immoral walk
  10. Cheats
  11. Bridge
  12. Lisa
  13. Press
  14. Karaoke (Capri mix)
  15. House (Leandro Fresco + Gus mix)
  16. Ghost (Leandro Fresco mix)