Seduction game

« Juego de seducción » is a song composed by Gustavo Cerati and performed by the Argentine rock band Soda Stereo , and one of the group’s most important songs.

It was released as the sixth track of the band’s second album, Nothing Personal , which went on sale in October 1985. It was the third broadcast, after ” Nothing Personal ” and ” When the Tremor Passes “.


The lyrics of the song bring us a love story, seduction as the title says, that takes us to the extreme.


The guitar of the song is very particular since Cerati makes a Si leaving the second 2 strings in the air and maintains that chord changing the basses: Si, Fa #, La, Mi.


  • Seduction game in his original album, Nada Personal (album)
  • Game of Seduction is the English version. Reversed by the same group with the same melody and instrumentation, but sung in English by the same Gustavo Cerati. It was created with a tentative attempt by the group to enter the English-speaking music market. At present it is very scarce and unpublished and is not found, did not exist or exist, no commercial register of it, reason why is considered a rarity.
  • Seduction game was included in the album White Ruido , with a live version.
  • Seduction game , was also included in all concerts of the tour “You’ll see me come back”, and even in all cases was the one that opened the show.
  • In 2007 it was included as track nº 3 of the album-compiled Me verás volver (Hits & +) .
  • In the tour “The Last Concert” touched a different version, more rocked and distorted.