Section IVB4

The IVB4 Section or Office or section of the Bureau IV, the Gestapo (Secret State Police), subordinated to turn to the Reich Main Security Office of Nazi Germany , was the section responsible for the location and deportation of Jews throughout the occupied territory, under the Holocaust Jew during World War II .

Organizational Structure

This office was directed from the outset by the SS Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann and had its main offices at the Prinz-Albrechtstrasse 8, Berlin . Their telephone number was 25 9251.

Eichmann divided this Office into two subsections:

  • IVB4a : The head was the Government Consultant Friedrich Suhr and then the Consultant Otto Hunsche , the aim being to hostilities against the Reich and People German in legal matters.
  • IVB4b : The boss was Rolf Günther . All delegates depended on this section and were supervised by Günther.

This section was, among other departments, the following: Planning and Schedules Transportation, under the responsibility of SS Hauptsturmführer Franz Novak , Registration Section under the supervision of SS Untersturmführer Martin and Transportation section under the command of SS Obersturmführer Josef Janisch .

Principal Delegates

The section had delegates and offices throughout Europe. The main ones were:

  • Alois Brunner , assistant to Eichmann. From November 1939 until September 1944, Brunner led the deportations of Jews from Vienna , Moravia , Thessaloniki , Spain , Nice and Slovakia . He disappeared after the war and was sentenced to death in absentia at a trial in Paris in 1954. He was finally granted asylum in Syria .
  • Theodor Dannecker , who directed the preparation of lists of French and Spanish Jews for deportation in 1941, and who was commissioned in Italy in 1944. After the war he was captured by the Americans and committed suicide in a prison camp in May 1945.
  • Hans Günther . Delegate in Bohemia – Moravia. Big brother of Rolf Günther .
  • Dieter Wisliceny , the introducer of the Star of David as a badge of the Jews. He was responsible for the deportation and mass murder of Jews from Slovakia, Greece and Hungary . After the war he was extradited to Czechoslovakia , where he was executed in February 1948.
  • Alois Hermann Krumey , a member of the Security Police in Lodz . In 1944 he was sent to Hungary to organize the deportation of the Hungarian Jewish community. He was arrested in Italy in 1945, and after several trials he was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1969.
  • Franz Novak , whose function was to coordinate the trains from each country to the concentration camps. Until 1961, Novak was hidden in Austria. Judged by his crimes in 1964, he was sentenced to 8 years in prison, although the trial was annulled in 1966, being acquitted of the charges and released.
  • Gustav Richter , who in April of 1941 was sent to Romania as Advisor of Jewish Affairs. He carried out the census of the Jews of Romania , planning the deportation to ghettos and extermination of about 300,000 Jews in the field of Belzec . His plans failed when Romania broke off relations with Germany . He was sentenced to 4 years in prison in 1982 .
  • Wilhelm Zopf , delegate of Eichmann in The Hague , responsible for Jews from the Netherlands .
  • Heinz Rothke (assigned in France ).
  • Franz Abromeit in Croatia and Hungary).
  • Otto Hunsche (destined in Hungary ).
  • Siegfried Seidl (for Hungary ).

The SS Oberscharführer (Brigade) Karl Silberbauer , who arrested Anne Frank and her family in August 1944 , worked for the IVB4 Section of the Gestapo in Holland .

The end

The Section never had official dissolution since the Central Security Office of the Reich , where the German police depended, was disappearing from the map as the Allies advanced liberating the territories of occupied Europe. During the first half of April 1945 , officials of the Central Office in Berlin burned files on the streets of the ministries and joined the defense of the city against the invading Soviet Army Germany to end the regime Nazi .

The 22 of April of 1945 , the Kurfürsten Street office was completely destroyed after a US bombing. Eichmann and his chief delegates tried to move to Austria, but most escaped from where they were, resulting in some dead, committed suicide or brought to justice and mostly executed.

Adolf Eichmann was kidnapped in Argentina in 1960 and brought to trial in Israel , revealing a great deal of detail about the functioning of Section IVB4, unit responsible for the transfer of Jews to concentration camps to die in gas chambers , ovens Crematoria, execution or poor living conditions.


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