Salt (song)

Sal is a song by Gustavo Cerati , belonging to the album Fuerza Natural composed by him along with Adrián Paoletti and his son Benito.

Letter and meaning

The song speaks of a couple that is shipwrecked and they dedicate themselves exclusively to observe the beauty that is around them ( A compass of light the lighthouse drew in the sea / With a blue kiss the foam turns into salt / Sirenas and hipocambos with its singing We will love them ), while the message is that only the love they have will save them and that the only and most important thing they have is each other (If we wait together high tides will come down / And when we are one maybe they will come and get us ). Reference needed.


The song begins with a quiet introduction that starts from the silence, gradually increasing the volume. When it is clear enough, it ends with a piano sound . This will accompany along almost all the song, added to a guitar , a bass and a battery) . The song also contains beach effects, such as swell and sound of seagulls or other seabirds. From 2:31 a gentle melody like the one accompanying the lyrics continues, until finally a 3:16 folk sound starts , accompanied by another guitar and a charango . The short introduction is also touched. The melody continues to fade.


All Music pointed out it as one of the three best songs of the album, along with Amor sin Rodeos and Rapto . 1


In the order that appears on the disk:

  • Fernando Samalea – battery.
  • Fernando Nalé – low.
  • Gustavo Cerati – voice, acoustic guitars, electric guitars and programming.
  • Gonzalo Córdoba – acoustic guitars and rodhes.
  • Didi Gutman – piano, pads and organ vox.
  • Leandro Fresco – additional programming and environments


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