Root (song)

Root ” is a song and simple musician rock Argentine Gustavo Cerati , written by him and published on his album Bocanada 1999, the second of his solo career and the first after the separation of Soda Stereo . Root was released as the first single of the album in 1999. It was well received by critics and fans of the musician. Musically, it is one of the most outstanding songs of the album.

Despite being the first single of the album, it did not count with the realization of a promotional video clip.


The title of the theme and the music are inspired by the folk music of the highlands, typical of regions of Peru and Bolivia . It also makes reference to the strong relation of these cultures with the love to the earth. The letter speaks in a metaphorical way about a loving relationship and that no one can extinguish the love of the couple.


The music remembers a little to the song Soda Stereo When the trembling passes , because this also has elements of folk music highland. However, that alone is the similarity between the two themes.

Root has an obvious electronic influence mixed with alternative rock. In the song, Cerati does not play the guitar, but what appears to be a charango . Also the keyboard uses a sound similar to the one of the pifilca (as in When the tremor passes ). During much of the subject, the battery is replaced by a hype and just near the end of the song, the battery sounds.