Robert Ley

Robert Ley ( Niederbreidenbach , Rhineland Prussian War , 15 of February of 1890 – Nuremberg , 25 of October of 1945 ) was a military , pilot , Ph.D., Gauleiter (Political Governor), Reichsleiter (Leader of the Reich) and union leader Germany Nazi .



Son of humble parents, he had the possibility of studying at the universities of Jena and Bonn . He was a pilot during World War I and, after being shot down in 1917 over France , a prisoner of war for two years.

In 1925 he was deeply attracted to the Nazi Party’s nationalist discourse and was welcomed by his university status. Named Gauleiter in South Rhine , he gained adherents to the Nazi cause among former members of socialist and communist organizations , especially unemployed. Later he followed the new instructions of the party that demanded to agglutinate the active workers.

Nazi regime

He was Head of Organization of the Nazi Party from November 1932 until May 1945. When the German Labor Front (DAF) was created in 1933 , Robert Ley was named top leader of the new vertical union whose aim was to increase productivity and show pride Of the “New Germany”.

He was responsible for the project ” Strength through Joy ” ( Kraft durch Freude ), with the collaboration of Lieutenant SS Bodo Lafferentz (promoter Volkswagen and ballistic projects), promoted tourist trips very cheap, cruises, sporting and cultural events for Workers, as well as the construction of the large holiday resort of Prora on the island of Rügen . It promoted pensions for the elderly workers and other benefits, nevertheless it was responsible for the suppression of the opposition trade unions and the confiscation of their goods. He was member of the Reichstag from 1932 until 1945, although this one did not meet from 1938 by decision of Adolf Hitler . Robert Ley said in a speech in 1938: “On this earth I believe only in Adolf Hitler. I believe in a Supreme God who created me and who guides me and I firmly believe that this Supreme God sent us to Adolf Hitler. ”

He was married to Inga Ley who gave him two children. His wife, who was platonically in love with Hitler, ended up committing suicide in 1943 and this further aggravated Ley’s level of alcoholism .


At the end of World War II Robert Ley fled to Berchtesgaden , but was captured on May 16, 1945. Immediately he was transferred to the ” Ashcan ” detention center for the high Nazi leaders that the Allies installed in the Grand Hotel de Mondorf-les -Bains , in Luxembourg . 1 In August they were transferred to the Nuremberg Trials , 2 and Law was charged with war crimes , but committed suicide before being tried by hanging with a wet towel tied to the toilet cistern of a toilet. 3

Published works

  • Durchbruch zur sozialen, Ehre (1935).
  • Deutschland ist schöner geworden (1936)
  • Wir alle helfen dem Fuhrer (1937)
  • Soldaten der Arbeit (1938) – Full cast and crew


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